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Kiss Your Ma Goodbe, Boys.mp3Sung by Mark Allan
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Cast size

3 (2 male, 1 female)

Betty Mitchell Nomination for Best New Musical

Production History

  • Lunchbox Theatre - 2019

  • Golden Apple Theatre - 2017

  • Smile Theatre Production - 2014

  • Lunchbox Theatre - 2010

  • Smile Theatre (*comissioned) - 2009


In Flanders Fields is a musical based on the extraordinary life of Major John McCrae - soldier, doctor and poet - writer of the legendary elegy, "In Flanders Fields".  Set during the great Battle of Ypres in WW1, the story weaves through his life as John shares his past with his dear friend Lt. Helmer. In this one act musical we see why John is propelled to write the most famous war poem in history.

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