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A Life To Live For.mp3Performed by Sara Farb
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What's Best For You (Tussaud).mp3Performed by Aaron Phillips
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Book by Thomas Morgan Jones

Music & Lyrics by Nicky Phillips

A Glimpse into Becoming Tussaud

Development History

  • CAP 21 Writers Residency

  • Square One Series, NYC

  • Ontario Arts Council Creators' Reserve Grants


Becoming Tussaud is inspired by the life of Madame (Marie) Tussaud prior to her becoming famous for her wax statues. It follows her story from an apprentice artist with her uncle, through a residency at Versailles and the court of Louis XVI, through a wild romance and marriage into loss and the harsh realities of living as an artist subject to the will of the revolution. It is the story of a young woman who dreams and hopes for fame in a world dominated by men and ravaged by revolution.

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